Juno Open Team Meeting Workshop
Galilean Satellite and Radiation Environment




This is a Juno science team meeting open to those in the community (in-person) interested in working with the Juno data or contributing to the study of the Galilean satellites and their magnetospheric interaction/environment. The purpose is to encourage and help non-Juno scientists to work with Juno data, and to facilitate collaborations with those not on Juno. This website is for those only outside of the Juno team. Space may be limited and those registering will receive a confirmation email requesting further information required for their attendance and the location of the meeting.

Please register to get updates regarding the weekend schedule.


  • Ganymede
  • Europa
  • Io (ongoing and preparatory)
  • Radiation environments throughout the system

Workshop Organization and Objectives

The purpose of the workshop is to encourage and help non-Juno scientists to work with Juno data, and to facilitate collaborations with those not on Juno. The agenda includes invited talks with the purpose of providing background and reviews of outstanding topics relevant to Juno, Clipper and JUICE.  The plan is for the workshop to be interactive with the majority of time dedicated to discussions and spontaneous presentations.  In addition to the invited topic talks, attendees may submit abstracts to be considered for posters.  Time will be allocated to poster discussions as well.  This workshop is NOT intended to be conference-like with attendees listening to a series of short talks with little time for interaction and discussion. Scientists interested in working with Juno data and/or collaborating with the Juno team are encouraged to attend.


The DPS meeting requires the use of N95/KN95 masks at their venues. We expect attendees to continue this practice at the Juno workshop.


Saturday, October 7, 2023

8:00 am Coffee and Poster Installation  
8:30 am Introduction of Attendees S Bolton
9:00 am Welcome and Introduction T Becker
9:15 am Juno Observations of the Galilean Satellites and Radiation S Levin

What have we learned about Ganymede's unique magnetosphere?

  1. What have we learned about Ganymede's sub-surface, surface and ionosphere?
  2. Plans for JUICE and combining Juno with JUICE

Invited talks:

9:45 am Juno results on the Ganymede’s magnetospheric interaction H Waite
10:15 am Juno JIRAM infrared results on Ganymede F Tosi
10:45 am Microwave mapping of Ganymede’s ice shell Z Zhang
11:15 am The JUICE visible camera investigation (JANUS) P Palumbo/F Tosi
11:35 am The JUICE radio science investigation (3GM) L Iess
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm The JUICE Radar investigation (RIME) L Bruzzone
1:20 pm The JUICE sub-millimeter wave investigation (SWI) P Hartogh
Ganymede and Europa
  1. What have we learned regarding Ganymede and Europa from MWR and interior studies?
  2. What will JUICE and Clipper investigate?

Invited talks:

1:40 pm Comparing the ice shells of Ganymede and Europa S Bolton
2:10 pm Comparing the interiors of Ganymede and Europa A Ermakov
2:40 pm The JUICE MAJIS investigation F. Poulet/G Piccioni
3:00 pm Discussion and Posters
5:00 pm Adjourn

Sunday, October 8, 2023

  1. Two new parts of the surface - what have we learned?
  2. The interaction of the atmosphere with the Jovian environment - what have we learned?
  3. Talks from Clipper - what will we learn?

Invited talks:

8:00 am Coffee and Poster Viewing  
8:45 am Juno imaging results of Europa C Hansen/P Schenk
9:15 am Plasma measurement results from Juno near Europa F Allegrini
9:45 am The Europa Clipper Radar Investigation D Blankenship
10:15 am Europa Clipper Imaging Investigation Z Turtle
Io ongoing and preparation
  1. What has Io shown us so far? (JIRAM)
  2. What will we learn in December, February?

Invited talks:

10:35 am Io overview R Lopez
11:00 am Juno’s investigation of Io’s magma ocean F Nimmo/D Stevenson
11:30 am Monitoring Io with Juno’s JIR am A Mura
12:00 pm Lunch
Radiation environments
  1. What can Juno predict on the radiation environment from Ganymede to Io?
  2. What questions and updates to the JUICE and Clipper radiation models are important?

Invited talks:

1:00 pm Juno’s Radiation Monitoring Investigation H Becker
1:30 pm Radiation environment of the Galilean Satellites M Herceg
2:00 pm Modeling Results on the radiation environment N André
2:30 pm Io Torus F Bagenal
3:00 pm Discussion and Posters
5:00 pm Adjourn


Allegrini et al. JADE Plasma Results from Ganymede
Allegrini et al. JADE instrument poster
Becker et al. SRU radiation measurements
Becker et al. SRU Ganymede and Europa satellite measurements (1-2 posters)
Bolton et al. MWR Europa & Ganymede ice shells
Brennan et al. Juno Satellite Flyby Geometries
Buccino et al. Radio Occultations at Europa and Ganymede
Gladstone et all Juno-UVS Observations of Europa during the PJ45 Flyby
Greathouse et al High Spatial Resolution Observations of Ganymede’s Aurora from Juno UVS
Kammer et al. Juno-UVS Background Measurements of the High Energy Particle Population and Morphology of the Io Torus
Kasai Preliminary analysis Ganymede MWR data
Kollman et al Bridging the 1-10 MeV electron radiation belt gap with the help of JEDI
Kurth et al. Juno Plasma Wave Observations at the Galilean Satellites
Mamo The Curious Case of H2O2 on Europa: The Role of CO2 in Shaping the 3.5 µm Absorption Feature
Martos et al. Field line resonances in Ganymede's Magnetosphere
Matija et al. ASC Radiation Environment Measurements
Matsunaga Simulation of JUNO Ganymede observation
Mura et al. JIRAM Io
Mura et al. JIRAM Ganymede
Nordheim et al. Ganymede's surface radiation environment
Pettine et al. JIRAM Observations of Io's Volcanic Flux.
Rathbun et al. IRTF observations of Io’s volcanoes in support of Juno.
Ravine et al. JunoCam
Retherford HST-Juno Io Campaign
Satoh et al HST observations of Europa’s auroral footprint and the lead angle
Schenk et al. JunoCam
Spencer et al Re-analysis of Io images from New Horizons
Tsuchiya Current status of the Hisaki mission
Waite et al. Understanding Ganymede’s Atmosphere using Waves/UVS/JADE/JEDI/RSS/MAG
Wang Terahertz Radiative Process in Lunar Regolit


San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
101 Bowie Street
San Antonio, TX 78205

Room Name – Salon I